Friday, May 29, 2009

29 May

Today was an administrative day. The weather forecast initially called for sunshine, but Flåm has been covered in clouds all day - pretty drab. I have taken advantage of the craptastic weather by doing laundry. (!!!) It was a great deal... only 10 dollars for a load... It was necessary. Aside from laundry, I've been planning my expenses and travels for the next week or so. The fluctuations between the dollar and the Norwegian kroner have been pretty wild, so it's been difficult to decide how much to withdraw at any given time. I'm getting burned pretty hard by all the crazy ATM fees... Scandinavia doesn't have any banks in the Global ATM Alliance.

It is almost 6:30 pm now, and it looks like the sun might be coming out finally... Maybe I'll go for a stroll.

Tomorrow, I am taking a bus to Lillehammer, the site of the 1994 Winter Olympics. I'll be staying there one night, and then I'll be traveling to Stryn, where I hope to go skiing.

Cute bed & breakfast near the water

Looking out from Flåm into the Sognefjord

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