Wednesday, May 27, 2009

27 May

Today I rose at seven and had my final breakfast at the Montana hostel. I’ll surely miss that place, with their great view, their nice free internet and common spaces, their good breakfast, and their four-bunk room with no roommates…

I caught the bus into town at eight and boarded my regional train, which took me from Bergen to Myrdal, the junction station for the Flåmsbana, the famous rail connection to Flåm. The ride via the Flåmsbana was really incredible. We dropped more than 2000 in elevation in about half an hour. We were able to stop a few times along the way for photographs, and they were truly incredible. What was also incredible was the fact that it was snowing. Even the locals were surprised to see such late snowfall.

After an hour-long ride, we had arrived in Flåm. It is really, really beautiful here. This town is really tiny; the largest structures by far are the two cruise ships that have docked out in the fjord. There is only one grocery store here, which immediately attracted my attention. For lunch I had sausage, onions, bread, and some chocolate. I have accidently booked a single room at the hostel in Flåm, but it is such a good deal that I’m keeping it. I am now living in a big cabin that has a block of six (four empty) rooms, a large sitting area with couches and a dining table, a bathroom, and a full kitchen (stove, fridge, oven, microwave, water boiler, dishes, sink, cabinet.) All inclusive, I am paying about fifty dollars a night. Fine with me!

The only drag is that there is no internet access… I spoke with the reception lady, who informed me that they are installing internet access in all the rooms this weekend. My timing sucks.
As for the weather, the snow has changed to mostly rain after our drop in elevation, and I am definitely not in the mood to go on another long, wet hike just yet. I am still sore from yesterday, so I think I might opt for a quiet afternoon in peace at my cabin here. If it clears up, I’ll slip out to take some more pictures. There are snow-capped mountains in just about every direction, and as soon as the weather clears it’ll make for some spectacular panoramas.

Nap time!

Ahhh…. I slept until 5:30 so the only grocery store in town is now closed.

Poor planning. However, I found a place where there is some wireless, albeit a weak signal. My Macbook has been really bitchy about its WiFi since I got it, and it really kicked it into high gear in Europe. I am now sitting with my computer 3 inches away from the router, and it seems to like that enough to work.

Posing with the Kjosfossen, a 300 foot waterfall along the Flåmsbana

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  1. I like the last two posts! The pictures are cute and everything sounds amazing.