Friday, May 29, 2009

28 May

Norway wins at everything, forever.

In the dwindling hours of Wednesday night I hatched plans for a big hike: from Aurland (180 feet) to the Prest peak (4100 feet). I awoke at 9 o’clock and caught the grocery store right after opening to buy some snacks for the trip: sandwiches, bananas, and a liter of SUPER JUICE. Everyone knows that bananas are super fruits, but in Norway they also have super juice: a mix of orange, apple, passion fruit, mango, pineapple, apricot, and banana. It made me uncomfortably energetic. Good thing, too.

Yeah, so, the hike. I took a bus from Flåm to Aurland, where the hike officially began at 10 o’clock. After walking down the road for a while, I came to the 300 foot Turlifossen waterfall, a very conspicuous trail marking. I hopped the fence and strolled past some very confused livestock, following the red T-marks that stretched the length of the hike. For four and a half hours, I made my arduous ascent, stopping occasionally to take pictures. I passed countless waterfalls, babbling brooks, small clearings, and several snowbanks. The weather gradually improved over the course of the day, so by the time I reached Prest, I had an incredible view.

I was rather surprised, however, by the fact that I never saw any other hikers. I didn’t encounter any signs of life until halfway through my descent, when I met a nice English couple from the Isle of Wight. They had hired a car, and offered me a ride back to Flåm when I made it down to Aurland again. I gladly accepted, and thus saved some bus fare.

All in all, the hike lasted 8 hours. I would reason that I walked about 25 miles; one of the longest hikes I’ve ever done. I am already aching as I write this, but it is a very gratified soreness. I’ll sleep well tonight.

I suppose a few pictures are in order.

The 300 foot high Turlifossen waterfall, marking the beginning of the trail


Sognefjorden Panorama (Click for full view)

In the panorama, the town visible in the top right corner is Flåm, where I am staying. A little further to the right and closer to the bottom is Aurland, the beginning and ending point for my hike.

Norway pwns!


  1. babiessss!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow Tory I can see why you thought you were in a dream when you called yesterday. What a beautiful view.

  3. the cute sound just isn't the same when typed unfortunately. Mi dispiace :(
    Glad you're having an awesome time!!

  4. I am a little envious you got to Prest. I hiked up as far as some building construction, then DOWN the road to the Stegastein viewpoint. I was only prepared for a short hike. It took me about 5 hours! The one person I met on the trail told me Prest was pretty amazing. I just didn't have the energy.