Sunday, May 24, 2009

24 May

I was interviewed by the newspaper a few days ago about my role as a volunteer and the issue came out today.

The caption translates:

Tory Smith is from the USA, and is working as a volunteer as a runner for the administration and artist contact for the soloists in the Johannespasjonen.

"I have planned the trip to Norway for two years, and pursued a scholarship to go there, among other things, to work 
for the festival. I have Scandinavian ancestry, and I see this as a golden opportunity to experience the culture 
and be familiar with the friendly folk here in Bergen and the festival. As a volunteer I will be a link between management and artists."


Also, Penguin!

I visited Bergen Akvariet today, which has the largest collection of fish and sea birds in Europe.  Although it was smaller than most of our aquariums, they did have some really cool penguins and several species of seals.  Besides that, work continues as usual, even on Sunday.  Tonight I am going to see my four artists in their big performance at Grieghallen.  I'm thinking of trying to get some laundry done tonight or tomorrow.  I'm really excited for my trip to Fl
åm on Wednesday...coming up!

A larger collection of photos from my trip thus far are online here:

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  1. Hey Tory,
    This comment is actually from your dad.I too am enjoying reading your blog. How truly exciting.
    FYI- I'm 1/4 Norwegian ( Torson ), 1/8 Swiss. 1/8 German (Sprecher) and the remaining 1/2 is English mutt ( Smith) with bits and pieces of whatever the vikings didn't want to take back to the motherland. Thank goodness your mom is such a convincing Swede. Sorry for leaving you with such a common name as Smith from such a distinctive heritage. I join your mom in feeling proud of you.
    Love from your 5'-10" (shorty) dad.
    Look forward to your next blog. Safe travels !