Sunday, June 7, 2009

6 June

Happy D-Day everyone!

Today was my first full day in Sweden. I am staying with my friend Caitlin Cossaboom for a few days before I transition into the Chapman Hostel in Stockholm. Caitlin is spending the summer at a University in Uppsala, which is 40 minutes north of Stockholm by train. Today was Sweden's national day, so we took the train into town and explored the city. It was very exciting for both of us; neither of us had been to Sweden's capital, also the largest city in Scandinavia.

Venice is the Stockholm of the South.

You might have heard that the other way around... but Stockholm is freaking awesome. What Sweden lacks in fjords and mountains it makes up for with its stupendous architecture and glorious cities. Uppsala and Stockholm are both very picturesque and welcoming. Most things have been about half the price of their Norwegian counterparts thus far. Add another point to the Swedish column.

Our day in Stockholm was mostly spent touring the city on foot. We visited the royal palace and saw the changing of the guard, explored some of Gamle Stan (the old city), and sampled some of the local delicacies. Swedish pastries are excellent.

We eventually returned to Uppsala for our evening, where we watched Sweden play Denmark in a World Cup qualifying match. Crushing defeat - Denmark edged out the Swedes 1-0.

Tomorrow Caitlin and I are going to explore Uppsala's town and gardens and do some laundry. Monday morning I am headed back to Stockholm for a few days.

Part of Stockholm's extensive network of waterways

It was actually quite chilly - about 45 degrees or so

The old Chapman ship, which is now a hostel

My awesome hostess for a few days, enjoying a Swedish pastry!

One of the ten thousand islands which comprise the Stockholm archipelago

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